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We wondered: what does it take to streamline lead generation so anyone (with no technical background) can use it to get even more business? Would that be possible?


Running a business is hard whether small or large. Especially if you’ve got tough competition. This is why: it is necessary to think ahead of the game and creatively do things.


This holds true for promoting your product or service as well. If you’re doing things like everyone else, nobody is going to remember you. But if you do things out-of-the-box, it will leave a good, lasting impression, and people will think of you when they need you.


But not everyone has the technical skills or resources to be creative when it comes to promoting their business. This led us to wonder: is there anything we can do to help everyday people promote their business better using digital skills, so they don’t get left behind?


We thought: “Would that even be possible?”


After spending 100s of hours and 1000s of dollars researching and prototyping, we came up with an innovative mobile platform, which helped shape how people promote their business.


We call it: My SphereCard.

The My SphereCard is a platform that changes how you do business.


My SphereCard allows you to promote your business from your mobile in just a few taps.

Unlike other platforms, SphereCard is more than a virtual business card.


With it, you can:

Create a high-converting video-based landing page in just a few taps.


  • Share your page with anyone via message, e-mail, or social media.

  • Voice & Video Chat, text, make appointments and follow up directly within the app.

  • Save contact details of anyone you’re sending your SphereCard to automatically.

  • Get notified about important appointments via our built-in calendar.

  • And much more to come (in future updates).


Plus, you connect with 1000s of diverse visionaries (from around the globe) who are interested in growing and collaborating with like-minded and talented people like you.

But Wait! There’s more…


With SphereCard, we take privacy as seriously as it gets. This is why every piece of information you see inside our app is encrypted. No one except you can see your communications with the app. This means nobody (not even us) can access your information or share it with anyone else.


And to keep the user experience great, we have kept this app ad-free!

So what’s the wait?


Download SphereCard today and start growing your business better than 90% of people.



Available on Web, Android and iOS.