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Check Eligibility

Please answer the following questions to determine the value of SphereCard for your business. If the number of "Yes" responses outweighs the "No" responses, your business can reap substantial benefits from SphereCard.

Would you like your business information to be accessible globally on any device for sharing and use?
Would you like to update your business information anytime without ordering another batch of business cards or keep writing the update on the back of them?
Do you want to ensure that the person you give your business info to willingly gives you their phone number at least 99% of the time so you can follow up?
Would you like to have the option of making or receiving voice or video conference calls globally from consumers?
Would you or your like customers be able to print a flyer from your business info that displays a QR code so that anyone with a cellphone can scan and then click to call you?
Would you like consumers globally to go online and search in our directory and find your business profile, then click to call or message you?
Would you like that when consumers save your contact from your business card, your Contact info will be distinct from their other contacts?
Would you like that you can change your phone number or business address and not lose old customers in the process?
Would you like that you can update your service or offers anytime and make them available for your customers to see immediately?
Would you like to have your customers be able to make appointments with you automatically, and you get notified when an Appointment is received?
Would you like consumers to see your promotional video on your business card and a slideshow of your service, products, or offers?
Would you like that your business card is easy for consumers to find online from any smartphone, tablet, or computer?
Would you like users to have the option to add attachments to their messages on your business card?
Would you like that you can give incentives to your employees to influence them to share and promote your company's business cards on their social media accounts and others?
Would you like to always have access to your business card from any computer, tablet, or smartphone?
Would you like to get customer feedback about your service so you can prevent your customer from spreading negativity about your business?
Would you like to see that the receiver of your business card messages has read them?
Would you like to select the time frame of your business card messages and print them?
Would you like that you can update the job title of an employee's business card at will?
Would you like no additional charges to make or receive global calls from your business card when using Wi-Fi or unlimited data?
When you save contact information given to you, would you like it to be displayed distinctly from the rest of your contact in your contact phone list?
Would you like to bulk edit employees' business cards as easily as editing one, and it takes immediate effect?
Would you like the option to reassign a business card to another employee that takes immediate effect?
Would you like that you can easily share your business card on social media?
Would you like to be able to edit, reply, or delete your business card messages?
Would you like to edit or set up your business card(s) yourself or have SAM set it up professionally?
Would you like to link other websites to your business card, and when shared, all links get shared at once?
Would you like that you can save the contacts of your global callers to your business card?
Would you like to see how often your or your employee's business card is shared?
Would you like to see how often your business card or an employee's business card gets called?
Would you like to be able to send bulk invites from your business card contact?
Would you like to receive missed call notifications for calls made to the business card you missed?
Would you like your business card is an online web page, Apple, and an Android mobile application?
Would you like your consumers to be able to click to call you locally or globally by voice or video chat?
Would you like your customers to be able to easily save your business card as a favorite for instant recall?
Would you like your business card to display the local country's time so consumers globally can call within your business day?
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